Saturday, April 28, 2007

Splash & Dash 2007 #1

I did the first Splash and Dash (more like Sink and Saunter) this morning.

Distance: 750m swim and 4km run.
Time: 47:09

The photo is of me half way through it. My wife thinks that I'm looking at my watch but I'm actually staring at that chick's butt. Guess what number I was?

Surprise #1: None of the men wear speedos. Well one other man was wearing a speedo.

I probably exited the water in the first quarter of the field (of about 250 apparently) and finished the run in the last 10% of the field (if that).

During the run, I was only overtaken. I did not overtake a single person myself. I now call myself the "feel good guy." I'm guessing that 75% of the field overtook me so I made them "feel good" that almost everyone (except me) overtook someone.

Surprise #2: I was bitten on my right baby finger by a crab as I was coming out of the water. I swam right up to the edge and my finger went into the sand and came out with a small crab attached to it.

Hurt like hell and I screamed like a girl. Well I'm sure it didn't really sound like that. It was probably a deep burly manly growl of disapproval.

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Anonymous said...

looks like it was very cold.
did you hear of the camel that they dug up in arizona? apparently its over 10000 years old.

spoke to paddy on friday night, he was in italy. cathy was passed out in the hotel.