Thursday, May 25, 2006

Lance Armstrong

"No I'm not Lance Armstrong," I said for the second time. After being falsly mistaken for Lance Armstrong, twice, I went to the web to check out his photo. I tried to find any small features of resemblance but there were and are none. To clear up the confusion I am posting a picture of myself (above) and of Lance Armstrong (below). You can immediately see that we look nothing alike. End of discussion.


Anonymous said...

"Most runners don't warm up as well as they could. Ideally, you want to warm up very slowly (about 60 percent of perceived exertion) for three minutes, then do three very quick intervals in a row -- 20-second sprints separated by two minutes of easy jogging. The sprints will get your body used to producing and clearing lactic acid, which will really come in handy once you start to pick up the intensity in earnest." --Chris Carmichael, longtime coach of Lance Armstrong

Tim B. said...

I think you do look like him..... And now that you have those racing sunny's on in your profile... well that makes you two even harder to distinguish between!

Maybe you should come out of retirement?