Monday, May 22, 2006


Who is this woman and why should you care?

This is Amanda Congdon from Rocketboom.

Rocketboom, if you're not familiar with the videoblog (vlog) concept is an excellent, esoteric and slightly eccentric videoblog that she presents on weekdays. It runs for about 3 to 5 minutes each day and is an excellent watch during your lunch break when you can't use the keyboard because the tuna mayo filling has come out of your sandwich and is making a break for that gap between the G and H keys.

My advice: Don't let the tuna go there. Watch Amanda instead and your IT department will thank you for not jamming those keys - seriously.

That has just reminded me of a story from when I once did IT support. I got a call: "My keyboard has stopped working."
So I went around to the computer in question and checked it out. I was surprised that Anne-Marie was so adamant that it was the keyboard and I checked out a few other things that could be preventing the keys from working - like a loose connection between the cable and the box. I finally agreed with her that it must be the keyboard and so I picked it up and put it under my arm and walked away.
A few seconds down the corridor I felt water running down my leg and soaking through my suit pants. The keyboard was leaking. I returned to Anne-Marie and had a few more questions for her.
Apparently it was a full cup of tea that had entered the keyboard.

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