Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Yerba Mate

The UPS man dropped off a new shipment of Yerba Mate for me today. In fact he woke me from my afternoon snooze that was brought on by the game of golf. Is getting your tea delivered by UPS an extravagance?

I've tried a few brands of Yerba Mate but tend to prefer the brand that I cut my teeth on. Luckily this is also the cheapest brand that I've come across. I also prefer the coarse cut (with stems, or as they say on the package "con palos") because this requires a smaller vacuum to be formed in the mouth to extract the liquid.

I'm trying out a blend flavored with mint and lemon. Jury is still out.

Luckily Yerba Mate is an acquired taste - one that is rarely acquired by others and so I rarely offer to share my drink with them - which is strange - because that is what drinking Yerba Mate is all about.

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