Sunday, May 21, 2006

Photoworks or Snapfish?

Photoworks or Snapfish? This week I registered with both Photoworks and Snapfish because I fancied getting some photos printed and they both sent me emails suggesting 25 free prints. I decided that I'd get 25 done on each and compare them.

Saturday May 20, 2006 I uploaded and ordered 25 from each of them. Snapfish, it appears charges 0.12 per photo and so gave me $3.00 credit towards my purchase. They then added on $2.05 shipping and handling of which 0.08 was tax. Photoworks charges 0.15 per print and so gave me $3.60 credit and added on $2.90 for shipping and handling.
I ended up $5 lighter after ordering those 50 photos.

I will now sit back and see what happens. I'm going to rate the 2 companies from 3 different perspectives: 1. Price 2. Performance (speed of delivery) and 3. Quality. I will keep you posted about who does the best. If there are other companies that print photos that you've heard of then post a comment to this blog and I'll do the same with them and let's see who comes out tops.

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