Monday, August 07, 2006

Direction, Time and Location

You've probably seen the a photo in a magazine or on the net and under it there's the question "where in the world is this?"

One of the features that I like about my digital camera is the date and time stamp. I never put the date and time on the actual photo but I keep the time/date on the camera up-to-date so when I transfer the photos to the computer I know that the details are accurate. I admit that when I travel I frequently forget to reset the camera's clock to local time. I'm guessing that 90% of people do so as well.

There are a couple more features that I think would be neat in a digital camera. GPS and a compass. Of course this information would need to be saved with the photo. Can you imagine being able to link your photos to Google Earth with the exact co-ordinates of where you were, which direction the camera was facing and the date and time that the photo was taken? That would be awesome.

Obviously the technology is available to do this but I have not yet seen a camera advertised that stamps a location and direction on to the photos that it takes. But then, I don't read the photography web sites so perhaps this idea is already well in production and already available. If it is, please hit the comment link and let me know.

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