Monday, August 21, 2006

Restless Toes Syndrome

I had never heard of Restless Legs Syndrome until I saw an advert for a drug to treat it on the telly. I do not believe that I suffer from Restless Legs Syndrome but I have no doubt that I suffer from Restless Toes Syndrome.

This video clip will show you what people with Restless Toes Syndrome have to suffer through.


miker said...

a. you have too much time on your hands.
b. you have really long toes. must be from all the exercise they get.

Guy said...

a. I have too much time on my toes.
b. I need to show you a photo of my wife's baby finger next to my second toe. My toe is longer than her finger.

When I was a skateboarding teenager I could wrap my toes right around the edge of the skateboard and keep it glued to my feet. There's no point in wearing shoes on a skateboard when you have feet like a primate's.

miker said...

did you know my cousin paul was sa champ skateboarder?
never looked at his toes tho. will ask him friday when i see him next. played golf at selbourne with him today. he beat me.

Guy said...

I didn't know that about Paul. In fact I would never have guessed that about him at all. He seemed like the exact opposite at university.

miker said...

he was under 13 champ when he was 9, a prodigy so to speak. was very short which helped i guess, low centre of gravity and all that. he used to lie us down and jump over us. being his cousin i had to lie last in the row so that if he never made it he only injured family. he always made it tho.

Guy said...

How long did his skateboarding career last? I think that he was born one generation too early to make world fame.

miker said...

i think once he got to college that his time was up. he still boards on occasion, although no longer for money.

he may have given up after his sponsor snowy smith owed him about R100 in prize money but never paid him. wasnt doing it for fun.

Snowy Smith said...

Yes Paul Rocky was SA Skateboard Champion.
I sponsored him with dozens of THE BEST, SNOWY SMITH, POWER TRACKS Skateboards, Kit, helmets T shirts, etc etc.
I paid for and took him and the Team all over the Country for many years to hundreds of competitions.
The Power Tracks Skateboard Team was overall winning team in every contest we entered including 5 SA Champs. THE BEST.
World Speed Record 107.4 KPH.
We had fantastic fun.
Paul was one of the BEST ever skateboard riders in South Africa.
Good Luck with the feet Paul.
Snowy Smith
Power Tracks
South Africa

Anonymous said...

Dear Snowy- In Durban in the 1970's there was the first South African Skateboarding Champs on a hill near the Durban University.(Umkabaan?) I was probably
12yrs old. I sponsored myself and won the contest for my age in 2 events TRICKS and FREESTYLE. and I believe SLALOM. I won 2 huge trophies- One a silver trophy about 50cm tall, and another Snowy Smith Skateboard on a trophy. I was told by you afterwards that I must bring them back (as they became "floating trophies" and that you would give me 2 smaller ones to keep. Well after countless times of phone calls and the run around - you never kept your word. I am still waiting for my trophies back or replacements. All I have is a picture of me holding them. Are you a man of your word? Its not too late ... Marc

Terry said...

Hi Snowy

wonder if you guys had any movies or pictures of my deceased brother, Garth Roderick. He was a member of your team and Multiple SA Champ it was always between him and Dave Knutsen in their age groups. Garry Smith and Garry Stevens (My mates) were the open champs

mondocat said...

Ha..I have some of those too! My ones move independently and both start from the outside and move inwards..then repeat etc etc etc. Possibly worth a video blog of their own..entertains my friends and family anyway...Good to see some others exist :)

Anonymous said...

yay! I have dealt with this for years and it is good to find someone else out there who experiences it. it is not only in my toes, but in my fingers and knee caps of all places! Mine is focused on a particuar rythm that used to drive me crazy. I have learned to just accept it.