Wednesday, August 09, 2006

What good are Hairy Knees?

Following on from my discovery that I can actually grow hair on my knees and that I sometimes have Hairy Knees you may be wondering about the use for hairy knees. If so, you're pretty weird because I've never wondered that. I have, however, without wondering, discovered a use for them.

I was sitting outside a tiki hut on a beach in Thailand. The mozzies had started biting my ankles and neck and so I'd lathered myself in insect grease. I was resting my feet on the table which gave me the chance to admire and keep an eye on my hairy knees.

I then noticed something I'd never seen before. The mozzies were trying to get through the hair and to my skin but because I had hairy knees (and hairy legs) they couldn't get through to bite. So instead they were just getting caught up in the hair like a net and eventually they'd give up and turn around and buzz off.

This also explained to my simple mind why my knees and legs were never bitten but why my hairless ankles and feet were dotted with little red spots.


Anonymous said...

apparently the first sign of madness is hair on the palms of your hands.

the second sign is looking for it.

Guy Ellis said...

and the third sign is writing about it