Friday, August 11, 2006

Melting the Kettle

I burnt our kettle a few months ago. It turned from the brushed chrome finished to a dull bronze/gold color. It's our first wedding gift that I've destroyed. The second was a knife handle.

The kettle burning happened during the day while my wife was at work. I toasted it from about 9am to 1pm by forgetting to put the whistle on. Once it had cooled down I hid it behind other counter objects. When my wife returned in the evening she found it by using her nose.
"You burnt something in here didn't you?" She said.
"No," I lied.
She continued to hunt until she found the kettle and then hit me with it. I deserved it. I should have put the whistle on the nose.

I was reminded of my kettle story by Lucy Tartan's Toast and tea blog posting.

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