Friday, June 07, 2013

Black Beauty Fruiting Mulberry

We planted this Black Beauty Fruiting Mulberry (Morus nigra) on 1/June/2013. Sourced from Tropica Mango Nursery but produced by L.E. Cooke Co.

From the label: The tasty blackberry-like fruit is large, black and juicy. Very attractive to birds. Some drought tolerance when established. This Persian Mulberry is semi-dwarfed to fifteen feet high. Asexual reproduction of this patented plan without license is prohibited.

Did you read that last sentence? I had no idea you could patent plants. However, that does make sense if you use your intellectual genius to develop a unique and superior cultivar.

At planting the tree was 92 inches (7 feet 8 inches) tall and already has fruit on it. We've staked this one carefully because of its long thin trunk and the fact that the monsoons are just around the corner.

30 September 2014 Update

The mulberry is doing really well. It's 16 months since it was planted and the photo above.

In the spring it produce some delicious mulberries and still didn't have the branches and leaves that you see on it now.

It was a great experience in the spring to be able to go into the orchard in the evenings after dinner and pick mulberries to eat for desert. There weren't a lot to eat this year but expecting lots in the years to come.

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