Saturday, June 22, 2013

Mesquite Flour in Pictures

Here is the mesquite flour making process in pictures.

1. The raw pods that we collected from under the mesquite tree. I assume that the holes in the pods are from insects. I couldn't find anything when I opened the pod though.

2. The Vitamix blender used to powder the pod (seed casing).

3. The sees and some chaff left over after blending. These don't pulverize.

4. The flour from the process

If you want to know what the raw flour tastes like then put your whole hand into the bowl and carefully examine it and consider if you're going to put it in your mouth.

Ask an adult if it's okay to eat it. (Not really, just be amazed that it's sticking to your hand and say "look.")

Put your fingers in your mouth. It has a slight sweet and distinct taste. Personally I don't dislike it but don't love it either. I think that it's an acquired taste that could grow on me.

Once you have the mesquite pods total time to get the flour is about 15 minutes so pretty quick.

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