Sunday, June 02, 2013


This is a picture of our new orchard. We have ten new trees to take the total to eleven trees. Ten of the trees will bear thirteen different types of nuts and fruit since two of the trees are cocktail trees. Apart from the navel orange they were all planted on June 1, 2013.

Trees in the orchard:
  1. Naval Orange
  2. Goldfinger Banana
  3. Peters Pistachio (male) (will not bear nuts - must be a shy male)
  4. Kerman Pistachio (female) (will bear nuts - seems strange for a female)
  5. Dragon fruit (white flesh)
  6. Dragon fruit (red flesh)
  7. Wichita Pecan
  8. Manila Mango
  9. Black Beauty Fruiting Mulberry
  10. Espalier Apple cocktail
    1. Semi Dwarf Anna apple
    2. Semi Dwarf Fuji apple
  11. Nemaguard Peach Rootstock
    1. Blenheim Apricot
    2. Fantasia Nectarine
    3. Babcock Peach
Still waiting for granite to be delivered to cover the dirt.

The blog posts that follow this one are mostly for our own reference but they might be of interest to someone else. Their purpose is provide us with a source of reference for what we've planted when we can't find it among our papers.

We bought the Naval Orange at Costco several months ago and the rest I bought about a week ago from Tropica Mango Nursery.

Here's our layout of the yard from an areal view. North is at the top.

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