Thursday, September 28, 2006

Ants and orange peel

I commented to the apartment manager that a colony of ants had moved in without signing the lease agreement. She responded saying that she could serve them with an eviction notice but a more effective method to "show them the door" was to throw orange peels at them.

I didn't believe her for a minute. Oranges are packed with sugar and the sort of thing that attracts ants. I am, however, always game to trying everything once and since I didn't have any other ideas I got a couple of oranges. I peeled one and lay the peels along the ant trail.

Stone the crows and pickle the lizards if the following morning all that were left were a few stragglers that probably hadn't been told by the rest of the colony that they were moving on.

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Anonymous said...

"Orange peels contain oils that act as insect repellents, and they can kill ants, as well as prevent ant infestations."