Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Standing Wave

I was trying to describe to a friend how one surfs a standing wave and then remembered that I had a video of myself doing it so I thought that I'd put it on the web. This is the small wave that shoots water at speed up a slope. There's a few inches of fast moving water and then something like a high-density foam substrate. There is another wave that simulates a real wave with a barrel that moves at a higher speed but I have not tried that yet. I have seen some of the injuries from the big wave and they are not pretty.


Anonymous said...

you're not bad. sean and i used to ride the d-rex at the wave house in gateway. then in one session one guy broke his collar-bone and another had the skegs rip through his hand shredding his tendons. havent been on the d-rex since. getting stuck in a 6 foot tube was amazing tho.

Guy Ellis said...

Do you have any video or images in the d-rex? I'd forgotten that's what it's called. What is the small one called?