Sunday, September 03, 2006

Hairy Knees - not so good

As impressed and vain as I am with my hairy knees (Hairy Knees and What good are Hairy Knees?) I must confess disappointment.

We have recently had an attack of mosquitoes. They came with the rains. The rains came after I taunted the Gods that there had been no rain (Somewhat disappointed). The mosquitoes came for my knees.

When I come inside after a brief walk I drag in a buzzing (*) of mosquitoes in my slip stream. Once inside I start the killing process and get most of the airborne ones. I then focus attention on the legs. There is usually a buzzlet (**) of mosquitoes caught in the hairs on my legs. I have not yet worked out if they are trying to get to the skin or trying to escape the hair net. The hair on my knees is not yet long enough and the bastards go straight through to the skin. I'm thinking of hair extensions for my knees, perhaps dreadlocks, perhaps a perm, anything to put a barrier between the skin and the mosquitoes.

(*) Buzzing is the collective noun for 5 or more mosquitoes.
(**) Buzzlet is the collective noun for 4 or fewer mosquitoes but more than 1.


Anonymous said...

tabbard also works

Guy Ellis said...

Better than dreadlocks or extensions?