Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Javelina Unexpected

Living on the edge of the desert has its advantages and disadvantages. I hate the sudden appearance of the most vicious mosquitoes I have ever experienced. However, I love all of the wildlife that wanders in and that you unexpectedly trip over on your doorstep.

Today a javelina graced our apartment complex. Javelina is the local name (Spanish) for a Peccary. Peccaries are Artiodactyls which is another way of saying even-toed ungulate.


Anonymous said...

Javelina is definitely NOT a word in Spanish. It simply doesn’t exist in any dictionary. (I looked it up, because I’d never heard it before)
I think it’s a mexicanismo or Spanglish from the southwest. It looks like it comes from the word Jabalina (JabalĂ­ female) and got lost in translation.

Guy Ellis said...

Thanks for clearing that up Lessy. When I looked on wordreference.com it looks like JabalĂ­ is the male and jabalina the female?