Thursday, September 28, 2006

Self Kidnap

Contrary to my last blog posting it turns out that Rachel Isham kidnapped herself:

She initially told police she had been kidnapped while she was jogging and was sexually assaulted. Now police have determined that no abduction took place and that Isham remained at an unknown location on her own accord. They are still investigating what they're calling "suspicious circumstances."

So I've tried an experiment this morning...

I kidnapped myself and sent myself a ransom note for $200. I logged onto one of my bank accounts and transferred $200 to another bank account and then I released myself.

The $64,000 questions are:
Did I commit the crime of kidnapping?
Was I a victim of a kidnapping?


Anonymous said...

I'll bet when it's your turn to go through the citizenship background checks this post'll come back to haunt you (even if it's only in your own mind :-) )

Guy Ellis said...

What is the question that you're thinking of on the form? Is it the:

Have you ever held a US citizen against their will?

Luckily I didn't kidnap a US citizen...