Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Rachel Isham

Well the reason that I was out in the desert yesterday and almost ran over the rattlesnake (RattleZone - Take II) was because I heard about missing Rachel Isham. First it was the helicopters buzzing around the Arizona Horse Lovers Area and then when I switched on the telly they filled me in on this missing teenager. I needed some exercise and so I got on my mountain bike and headed out there. The police were giving everyone a good description and armed with that, my camera and a couple of bottles of water I spent the next 2 to 3 hours zigzagging around in the desert from Tatum Boulevard under the 51 and then under the 101 and into the desert north of the 101.

What was interesting was that I realized that I have never paid more attention to my surroundings than on this outing. Usually I'm just cycling along and watching the road ahead so I don't end up in a hole but now I was scanning the bushes and trees. As a result I saw way more than I usually saw. Of interest, in order seen and found:

> Two jack rabbits
> One coyote
> One Maxfli D-Tec golf ball (what that was doing in the middle of the desert I have no idea)
> One old 20-gauge shotgun shell, rusty with spider web inside
> One large rattlesnake

Unfortunately I didn't find any clues that could help with the search and so far she's still missing which is obviously very sad for her family and friends.

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