Monday, September 18, 2006

Why water is healthy for you

I don't recall where I read this so I cannot quote the source but I remember reading an article a while back, well before the first blog started, that mentioned that water was healthy for you. It went on about the usual benefits that we all know about but then it said something that I thought was one of the most important things ever about water.

If you keep plenty of water at your desk or workplace and constantly sip at it you will need to go to the bathroom frequently to relieve yourself. It is this act of getting out from behind your desk and walking and moving on the way to the bathroom that will improve your health. Remaining hunched over your desk for long periods of time will obviously cause problems.

The problem with this is that the longer you stay attached to your desk the longer your "atrophy" endurance builds up. In other words your body builds up stamina to sit in one position without moving and without causing you pain. This is obviously not good because you will not notice when you have been in that position for too long.

This is where the water sipping comes to the rescue. Drinking lots of water throughout the day will force you to move from your chair more frequently and make you to adjust your position.

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