Sunday, June 02, 2013

Goldfinger Banana

The Goldfinger Banana is a recent introduction from Australia. Vigorous, tall plant bears large hands of fruit that are similar in size and flavor to supermarket fruit. Tolerant of wind and cold.

We planted our banana palm on June 1, 2013 and it stands around 18 inches tall. Tropica Mango nursery says that it should be around 8 feet tall by October. This banana palm was originally grown in La Verne Nursery.

Self-fertile, does not require another banana tree to pollinate and produce fruit. Expose to full sun, mature size is 14 feet tall and around six feet wide.

Once established, water deeply allowing time for soil to dry out between waters. Feed lightly every 60 days during growing season. Pruning can be done, if desired, for aesthetic appeal.


The Unstoppable Banana


thronedoggie said...

How does it handle cold?

Wondering if I could have bananas up here in New River.

Guy Ellis said...

@thronedoggie - yes, I think it would do well in the cold and handle everything that New River could throw at it.