Thursday, July 20, 2006

Best Music Video Ever

A-Ha's Take On Me has to be the best music video ever made. Maria Sansone alerted me to this on The 9 this morning and I have to agree with her. How old is this video? It must have come out around 1982 so that makes it at least 24 years old. That's 173 doggy years. Music videos from the 80's look dated today but (of course this is my opinion) this one holds its own. It does help that it was set in a period before the 80's when it was first shown so that does make it appear to be timeless.


Guy Ellis said...

I met up with my fellow Phoenix Bloggers last night and ask them if they'd watched this excellent video and got some very different opions.

Vern: You !#$#@ !@#$#@ bastard. I hate that song and had it stuck in my head all day.
LaMonty: Excellent video. Agree one of the best.
Rob: A-Who?

Tim B. said...

Guy I reckon that video clip is brilliant. I've never seen it before but it was definitely years ahead of it's time!

I know people rave on about Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel as being great, but I think that clip sh*ts all over it, but I'm a little biased as like the song itself.

Guy Ellis said...

Tim: You're going to have to educate me here. I don't believe that I have ever seen the Sledgehammer video. I just went to YouTube and did a search and found a video with the Seldgehammer song shot on what looks like a US Navy destroyer with a bunch of the crew mouthing the words to the song in a million different clips spliced together. Not sure if this is a rip-off / take-off of the original or the one that you're talking about... Enlightenment welcome...