Saturday, July 22, 2006

Johnny Depp Rocks!

I often used to go and see a film based on who is in it. That all stopped when I saw Samuel L. Jackson in Deep Blue Sea (1999). I trusted Samuel L. Jackson and didn't think that he'd ever appear in such a crap film - but I was wrong. In Spanish they called in Alerta en la Profunda. I don't know why I wanted to tell you that but I did. The only good thing about the film was that the shark kept on eating all of these really bad actors. It meant that once the shark had eaten him/her you didn't have to watch that terrible acting anymore. It was like watching Jaws except in the Deep Blue Sea you were rooting for the shark and not Roy Scheider.

There are some actors who I still trust. Among them are Anthony Hopkins and Johnny Depp. I have yet to be let down by them. Not only are they exceptional actors but they have, so far, never, in my opinion, appear in a trash film. I admit that I have not seen everything that they have been in, but so far so good.

I watched the first Pirates of the Caribbean and remember enjoying it even though I saw it under adverse conditions. I think that I was half asleep on a noisy plane when I watched it which usually destroys most movies. I see that Captain Jack Sparrow continues to break box office records with the second part (Dead Man's Chest) so I will have to put the Johnny Depp theory to the test again soon and see if he continues to impress.

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Guy Ellis said...

Something that I didn't know about Johnny Depp:

What nationality is he?
He is of Cherokee, Irish, and German descent.

I have heard that when his child Lily-Rose Melody was asked (with all the other kids) at school what their fathers did as a job/occupation that she said that he was a pirate. However I've searched the internet to find out if this is fact or fiction and cannot find any reference to this.