Tuesday, July 18, 2006

NoRTH Duck Pizza

A couple of days ago, at friends' suggestion, we went, with said friends, to NoRTH, a restaurant. I have subsequently discovered that NoRTH (I have not worked out why the RTH are in capitals but I'm sure that someone will post a comment and let me know) is part of chain of restaurants that include sauce pizza & wine, wildflower, bistro zin, bloom, The Counter, montana avenue, and greene house.

NoRTH is Italian themed and following the time tested "when in Rome eat pizza" saying and at M's (M is a cunning code letter which allows me to refer to someones name without spelling it out) suggestion we tried the duck pizza.

Now I had never even heard of duck pizza before let alone tried it. I suppose that a pizza is just a piece of baked dough and you can chuck anything on it right? I've had eye-ball tortilla in Mexico City just off the Zocalo which would imply that you could have eye-ball pizza if so inclined. (I wouldn't recommend eye-ball anything to anyone - when you're eating it you can feel the cartilage crunch in your mouth - very unpleasant.)

The duck came with farmer's cheese (which I have learned is goat's cheese) and was for want of a better word excellent. Once I have perfected my new American accent I will be substituting the word excellent with awesome and will pronounce it aaaaahwsum but I can't do that yet so I'll stick to excellent.

Their pudding was also supposed to be very good but they'd run out of one of the ones that we wanted and so we went elsewhere to tail off the duck feathers.


Anonymous said...

damn I'm hungry!

Guy Ellis said...

It was damn good pizza - you are right to be hungry after reading that.