Sunday, July 16, 2006

Thinking Inside the Box

I've discovered the next big thing in industry. It's called "Thinking Inside the Box." Why, you immediately ask, is thinking inside the box going to be the next big thing?
"Well my fellow," I answer (I don't really speak like that but indulge me for a moment), "it's because everyone is now thinking outside the box and so if you go back in the box then you'll find that there's no competition in there."

Okay, so that's pretty lame but I was getting tired of hearing about people who had started to think outside the box. Do they realize how small their box was to start with? All they had to do was trip and fall on their face and they were out the box. And what were they doing inside the box in the first place? And they'd been in there for how long?

Okay, so you're facing this dilemma. You find yourself outside the box because you bought into one of these hokey management ideas. Now you want to get back into the box but you know that if you're in there people will want to know why you aren't outside the box and if you're out the box you know that you've been suckered by the MBA's and their fancy chat.

You could execute a straddle; put the box on your head and then you can't see who's looking at you. Perhaps put a pair of mirror shades on the box and then you can see who's looking at you but they won't know that you can see them.

Life and its problems...

I have a confession to make. I am outside the box but I want to get back in. If you know how, please post a comment and let me know.

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