Saturday, July 01, 2006

Holy Cow!

This evening we dined at Tandoori Times. With dinner came a belly dancer - a very good one - my wife was competing for attention and had to take my face by the chin and twist it towards her. This only happened once - I know better than to let it happen more than that.

The belly dancer was somewhat of a surprise because we thought that this was a Middle Eastern activity but when we questioned the hostess she assured us that it is de rigueur in Northern India, which is where her family is from.

We also quized the abundance of beef on the menu. Indian restaurants rarely serve beef because the cow is considered sacred in India. Our hostess said that she is catering to the demands of the customers, which is fair enough. When in Rome, eat pizza.

I thought that the expression Holy Cow must have originated from the concept of the sacred cow in Hindu religion. However, when I checked it on wikipedia I discovered that none of its origins are attributed to that.

I feel that I'm becoming wikipedia's bitch. I now cross reference anything that I'm about to quote as fact against it to make sure I'm not dispensing untruths. My friend Vern said the other night: "You don't actually believe anything that read in wikipedia do you? You know that anybody can edit it and change what they want don't you?"

So far I have not found anything that I don't believe. Perhaps I'm gullible. I've now also found wiktionary. I wonder if I'll become wiktionary's bitch as well.

I almost forgot to mention the food. In fact I did forget to mention the food and came back to this blog about an hour after I posted it to add this:

The food was excellent (as was the service). We had naan, rice, tandoori prawns and sag paneer. Our compliments go out to the chef. We will dine there again.


Anonymous said...

Umm, 'twas I who said that about wikipedia! :-)

Guy Ellis said...

My apologies Rob - you and Vern are so alike... only your mothers can tell you apart.