Tuesday, July 04, 2006

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It is anticipated that 1,732,915 people will write blogs today titled July 4th or some variation thereof. This is because (1) It is the 4th July (2) they are on holiday and so have a bit of extra time to write in their blog (3) it's a special day in history (4) they can't spell July 4th backwards.

From our 3rd floor apartment we have a magnificent 180 degree view of the north valley so we decided to stay at home and watch the fireworks from the balcony. The most amazing part of the fireworks display was that there wasn't one. Well not one that I noticed or heard.

As I type this blog entry, a hummingbird (Apodiformes Trochilidae) is hovering (for a moment it was hoovering but then I realized that was practically impossible for such a small creature and a job that only its wife would make it do) next to my window. They come by hourly, peer in the window, and then fly off. If I was paranoid I'd swear that they were spying on me.

We recently had one trapped in the apartment. It had flown in and was up against the window trying to escape. I approached to catch it in my hands and release it but was told by the other person present that its stiletto sharp beak would sever my hand from my wrist. The safest way was to use a combination of a microwave cover and the 3rd edition of the Morris Cody Clinical Pharmacy Book 1B. I released the hummingbird with both hands intact.

There are 338 hummingbird species - and you thought that you weren't going to learn anything from this posting...


Anonymous said...

I reckon you made that statistic up! However, I'm waiting for my blog site to come back online so I can make MY 4th July post :-)

Guy Ellis said...

I confess that that number falls under the fiction category.

Guy Ellis said...

Rob - the site where you host your blog appears to be down fairly often at the moment. Any idea what's happening with it?

I would obviously ask this question on your blog if I could get there to ask it :)

Guy Ellis said...

Rob - that site that's hosting your blog is really not doing well at the moment. I tried to go in there again today and it's down again. I guess that they are having some serious server issues at the minute.

I'm guessing that you have long backlog of blogs that you're going to hit us with when it's back up and running?