Friday, July 21, 2006

It was a dark and stormy night

Okay, so it was in fact a bright and sunny afternoon BUT then all of a sudden... dum dum dum... the first monsoon of the season rolled in. Well I don't know if it was an actual monsoon and I'll have to wait for the weather authorities to give it the go ahead on tonight's news.

I'm sure you want to know how I captured this video. Well I placed a placed a Pentax Optio S40 on top of a can of Pepperidge Farm's Creme Filled Pirouette Entertaining Cookies (Chocolate Hazelnut best before 7 Sep 2006 but eaten long ago), set the camera function to video and deftly pressed the shutter button.

You may notice that the video shakes about every now and then when there's a gust of wind. I think that the crucial mistake I made was using the Chocolate Hazelnut Pirouette can. I have heard that the French Vanilla and Chocolate Fudge come in sturdier cans which are better equipped for balancing the Pentax Optio S40 during adverse weather conditions.


Tim B. said...

Hey Guy,

I notice that you have recently started posting up video's to your Blog, nice one!
I have read up on this a little myself but thought it was a little too involved for me, so I pose two questions to you:

How many hours did you spend researching before you mastered the Video blog?

Are you hosting the video's from your own website?


Guy Ellis said...

Hey Tim - you have the honor of being the first person that I've dedicated a whole post to as an answer instead of just replying here in the comments:

How to Video Blog - VLOG