Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Nine

I've found a very professional replication of Rocketboom. It's called The 9 (The Nine?) and is hosted by Maria Sansone and has more structure than Rocketboom. Each day, they take 9, exactly 9, no more no less, "news stories" and show clips and screen shots about each one.

The stories always have a web link to something quirky or interesting and so far (I've only watched 2 days and am too lazy to go back through the archives) I'm very impressed. Maria does an excellent job of Anchor Woman and I will be back and keep you up-to-date if I discover anything phenomenal.

Now I've noticed that I've made 2 major mistakes since I started this blog. The first was to post pictures of blondes with what I write. This happens to be purely coincidental because what I have felt like writing about happens to have involved the odd blonde. I haven't actually sought them out. But why, you are asking, is that a problem? Well that has become a problem because of my second mistake. That was telling my wife that she can find out each time I make a blog posting by putting her email address into the box just below my picture on the right. So each time I put something up here (like now), she gets an email and comes over here and inspects it.
"Another blonde I see," she will say when I'm least expecting it. You see, by the time she's read it I've forgotten about the blog, the blonde and the fact that the wife has subscribed to these postings.
She has yet to post a comment directly to any of the blog postings though...

(Completely off the subject, I've just run my US English spell checker against this blog posting before releasing it and it comes up with blonde as a misspelling. Is blonde spelled another way in US English?)


Anonymous said...

Yup - they leave off the e.

Tim B. said...

You're brave man even telling her you had a blog in the first place!

Guy Ellis said...

Thanks for enlightening me Rob.

You're right Tim - silly of me. Nice hat in your photo - that comment will confuse someone when you change your photo.