Saturday, July 22, 2006

Life Exaggerated

As Rob mentioned the Phoenix Unincorporated Bloggers Association and Affiliation of United Bloggers of Arizona met up on Thursday. Here is a snippet of the conversation.

Vern: "You blog about geek stuff."
Rob: "I present life as it is."
Guy: "I take life exaggerated it, twist it, extort the facts, twist again, exaggerate the second twist, and then blog it." (Okay I'm exaggerating about what I said exactly.)
Monty: "Take a an accurate account of what happened and I'll show you a boring story."
Vern's turn to talk but there is silence and Vern with his back to the wall is staring at the bar.

At this point (and here I steal words directly from Rob's blog) '...considerable interest at the moment the barmaid, wearing no bra and a flimsy low cut top, bent toward him...'

So I thought that it was Vern who had been caught off guard by the spectacle but Rob thinks that it was Monty. I'm prone to exaggeration and wild fiction so I'll go along with the facts as presented by Rob.

I didn't notice the bar wench and she had to be pointed out to me. (My wife reads this blog.)


Anonymous said...

Nah, LaMont clocked her first but, being a sneaky bastard, he kept quiet about it. It was Vern who missed the beat :-)

Guy Ellis said...

Sneaky Monty - we'll have to keep an eye on his eyes.